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Garlic - a real natural healer that strengthens the body and improves the immune system. In terms of cooking garlic also deserves a lot of attention - its application is very wide. For piquancy that garlic gives dishes, garlic loved by many. Well, pickled garlic - it does a different story. About him we'll talk.

Pickled garlic - it's a great alternative to fresh garlic, because it has all the same flavor and aroma, but less pronounced. In pickled garlic less sharp and persistent odor, does not have the bitter taste - softer and softer than that of fresh. Eating a garlic in the middle of the day, you can not be afraid of the appearance of the characteristic odor from the mouth - and this is a weighty argument in favor of such a blank!

Pickled garlic is an excellent appetizer, serve it can be just so, and meat dishes, he adds a special piquancy.

Pickled garlic can be entirely - heads, you can - slices in treated or untreated form, cold or hot brine. Each family own recipe, and we will tell you about a simple and very interesting option blank pickled garlic.

Recipe for making pickled garlic

picture - Pickled garlic

Need: fresh garlic, marinade - 100g 9% vinegar and water, 30g sugar, 10g salt, bay leaf and pepper.

How to pickle garlic. Lower the head and cloves of garlic on a 2min in boiling water, then put in cold water with ice cubes for half an hour. Arrange the garlic on sterilized jars, cover with cold marinade. For the marinade boil water, add to it sugar and salt, laurel and peppercorns, boil, pour vinegar in late and cool. Pour marinade garlic in jars, cork sterile lids, after 10 days the garlic is ready.

If you add fresh sliced beets banks, the garlic will turn red.

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