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Open for drinks

picture - Open for drinks


200 g minced meat

50 g Luke

20 g tomato paste or ketchup

100 g fresh or canned tomatoes, or instead of 50 g of tomato juice, 50 g flour

2 eggs

100 g butter or margarine

1/4 l milk
what kind of milk should I choose? we'll show

200 g potatoes

salt and pepper to taste

Finely chopped onions fried in 50 g butter together with tomato puree or ketchup. Add minced meat and fry for another 15-20 minutes. Then add finely chopped tomatoes and potatoes. Continue frying until then, until the potatoes are soft. Salt, pepper, put the mixture into a flat pan or flameproof glass bowl (the height of the content it should not exceed 5 centimeters). Add 1/2 Cup of water, put the pan in the hot oven and bake until then, until evaporated water.

At this time eggs mixed with milk, flour and remaining butter and all poured into the form, uniformly distributed over the surface. Bake until surface is Golden brown.

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