Olivier "Gourmet"

→ Olivier "Gourmet"

picture - Olivier "Gourmet"

1 lettuce, radicchio

1 head lettuce

16 small pickles

4-5 tomatoes

7-8 walnuts

2 chicken breasts

30 ml white wine vinegar

120 g blue cheese

70 g mayonnaise
some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

9 olives

ground black pepper


Radicchio salad and lettuce finely chop. Cucumbers cut into small slices. Tomatoes cut into half rings. Walnuts grate. Boil chicken breasts, cool, remove skin, cut into slices. Grate cheese. Products mix, pepper, salt, season with mayonnaise and vinegar, pour the grated cheese.

Ready salad garnish with olives.

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