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How to teach baby to crawl?

picture - How to teach baby to crawl?Crawling is an important stage in the development of the baby. It is very important that in 6-7 months the baby is actively crawling. Thus, he perceives the world around and strengthens the muscles of the legs, arms, shoulder girdle and spine Department. The baby in the crawling process develops coordination, his movements become conscious and logical.


According to neurologists, kid during crawling passes the active stage of intellectual development, when the connection between the two hemispheres.

In order for the baby learned to crawl earlier than the seat, you must help him to do it. Ensure the child freedom of action. Bed on the floor with a soft carpet, put the baby on it. Expanding close to him 2-3 bright new toys. Prop your hand baby legs that babe realized that you can crawl, starting with feet.

Also by example, you can show your baby how to crawl. An effective example of older children. The primary motivation for crawling must be interest in new subjects and to the new world that surrounds the baby. Alternatively roll on accurate oil patterns in front of the child the ball. The kid will be able to push him away, and then seek to get.

Gently lift the baby for tummy, create support for your feet, show how to properly move. If you notice that a toddler is hard to tear your own tummy, you need to put under the cushion or towel. So it will be easier to stand on all fours.

Clothes that dressed the baby should be spacious enough to allow him to make his short trip. Socks will interfere, as they baby's feet slip.

Many parents bragging about what their child is not crawling, but he went. But in fact, children who started early to go get her at an older age. So no need to scold grown-up child for his interest in crawling on the floor. Each child has its own way of development.

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