Salted herring in Bremen

→ Salted herring in Bremen

picture - Salted herring in Bremen

Required products:

80 g herring salted (salted) - 8 fillet (on )

150 g pork fried fillet

3 PCs egg , hard-boiled

2 PCs the cucumbers

300 g potatoes "in uniform" 4 tuber (about )

150 g beets marinated

2 PCs apples are sour

1 onions red - head

100 g sour cream

4 tbsp. mayonnaise
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

2 tbsp. orange juice

pepper, white pepper

root parsley for decoration

Pork, cucumbers, peeled eggs, potatoes and apples cut into small cubes, beet - thin strips, onion very finely chopped.

Sour cream, mayonnaise and orange juice shake and liberally season with pepper.

Herring cut into cubes, mix with all ingredients, season with sauce and soak before filing within 30 minutes.

Salad put in a bowl and sprinkle with chopped parsley. This salad is traditionally preparing for Christmas, served with a dry white wine.

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