Herring salad

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For cooking You will need:

320 g the salted herring
what herring to choose? we'll show

80 g smoked herring

8 PCs eggs

80 g pickles

120 g apples

40 g onions

2 PCs proteins

40 g carrots

40 g marinated mushrooms

20 g green salad

the parsley. For the sauce:

2 PCs yolks

20 g vegetable oil

100 g sour cream





Smoked and soaked salted herring remove the fillet, stripped from the bones and cut into cubes. Eggs boiled hard-boiled. Then prepare the sauce boiled egg, mashed with vegetable oil, sour cream, salt, sugar and vinegar. Optionally, you can put mustard. Too thick sauce can be thinned with broth or broth. Peeled and seeds of apples, pickles, onions and squirrels cut into very small cubes, mix with herring and sauce and place in salad bowl.

When serving, pour the remaining sauce and garnish with slices of boiled carrots, marinated mushrooms, lettuce and parsley.

Herring salad can be served with fried potatoes or use for sandwiches.

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