In Russia there will be a chain of restaurants "Classmates"

→ In Russia there will be a chain of restaurants "Classmates"

picture - In Russia there will be a chain of restaurants "Classmates"Top Resources benefited restaurateur Ivo Altparmakov and vice-president of the association "Russia without drugs" Zurab Kvariani. Each of them creates a chain of restaurants "Classmates". This week, the "Company Kvariani" filed an application for registration of a trademark "Classmates" for the production of food and catering services, according to the documents of Rospatent. The company, founded by brothers Zurab and Levon Kvariani, is going to create this brand chain of restaurants or cafes. "At many people wanting somewhere to meet. We want to offer them a place, "- says Zurab Kvariani, one of the founders of the association" Russia without drugs. " He admits that the restaurant business for it new. In 2001, his company "Taser" advertise on cigarette packs, and later - beznikotinovye cigarettes produced with herbs (both projects are closed). In 2005, the brothers opened a medical company "FNR medkonsalt." According Kvariani, he is ready to negotiate a partnership with both the owners of the site, and with restaurateurs.

But Kvariani not be pioneers: Caf "Classmates" has opened in Moscow in December 2007. Its CEO Ivo Altparmakov told, imbued with the idea that the site decided that people need a place to meet, and renamed its cafes Nikita la Grande. He says he has applied to Rospatent, but the date and number of the document does not mention. The cafe has already passed several meetings "classmates", says Altparmakov and promises to open soon two more similar places. "The plans - to increase their number to 20," - says restaurateur.

And Kvariani and Altparmakov assure that the owners have not yet communicated, but are open for negotiation. Founder resource Albert Popkov is not yet ready to evaluate how its business will affect the appearance of similar restaurants. His company "Classmates" owns the rights to the same name brand only for advertising, personal and social services.

The "Company Kvariani" has a chance to get "classmates", said patent attorney Baker & McKenzie Vladimir Shitikov. Owners of the website can protect your brand, only making the sign of a well-known. Andrei Petrakov of consulting company Restcon sure that one restaurant name users of the site draws: for this audience the most important thing - to feed a hearty and inexpensive.


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