6 most fun New Year competitions

→ 6 most fun New Year competitions

picture - 6 most fun New Year competitions

New Year's Eve - it's not just a meal and meal, but also a fun pastime with dances, songs, games and, of course, competition, which we will cover in this article.

Contests are always interesting to fans of active fun. They have a competitive element and, buoyed each, and informative and a pleasure, of course. That's just such - the most fun contests and will be discussed.

The competition is the first "New Year's greetings." Often in the New Year someone from attending plays the role of Santa Claus. This contest is timed to coincide with the giving of gifts that can bring all the present and put into a special bag for gifts. Santa Claus announces that the gifts will give everyone only after all people will voice his congratulations, which must begin with a letter of the alphabet in order. That is, the first person may wish to "adventure fun and interesting," the second "Big chest of money," the third "Great luck and good luck," etc. The fun starts when it comes to the letters F, J, P, b, b, s. If people are a little bit, then you can go in a circle.

The competition is the second "dress up Christmas trees." In the role of firs are women or, on the contrary, man. Decorate Christmas trees as a human need for a certain time, or to determine the winner of the beauty and funny Got composition.

Competition Three: "Smeshinki." Brought together leading competition gives names related to the New Year and winter - slapstick, flashlight, snow, garland, etc. Next leading bypasses all participants by asking them questions: "Who are you?", "What are you doing", "What have you got?" (Pointing to the nose or other body parts), "What is dripping with icicles?" And etc. The more interesting questions, the better. Participants must meet, since its name: "I - a snowflake, fly through the air," etc. In this case, none of the participants have to laugh who laugh - is eliminated.

picture - 6 most fun New Year competitions

Contest Four: "TV Guide". Participants were given cards, each of which is written in 5 unrelated within the meaning of words such as "Beaver, album, chess, New Year, influenza," "President, door, hand, stapler, vodka," etc. The participants' task - to come up with one for 30seconds bid that is similar to the news, and all the words in it should be used as important information about the incident. Nouns can be. For example: "In the New Year at the zoo capital landscape ill flu rare breed beaver-checkerboard". Fun guaranteed!

Competition Five: "Rodd". 2 members are selected - a man and a woman. She plays the role of her husband already had time to mark the birth of the child, and the man - the role just given birth to his wife. According to the scenario wife is behind the glass, and the husband does not hear anything, so she tells him questions gestures. The husband should ask different questions: "Who was born?", "Who is like", "How did the baby?", Etc. The more diverse are the questions, the better.

Competition sixth: "Guessing Game". Each of the participants to write about yourself on paper something, what about it, no one knows. All paper folded into a box, and then pulls them and leading in turn read the testimony, and the participants to guess whose they.

Spend time in New Year's interesting and fun, on coming!

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