Foie gras with mushrooms

→ Foie gras with mushrooms

picture - Foie gras with mushrooms

600-700 g goose liver

500 ml milk
what milk to choose? we'll show

100 g ceps

600-700 g pork loin

50 g fat

brandy or Madeira

spices (pepper, nutmeg, bay leaf)

Liver soak in milk for 2 hours, clean, nashpiguyte slices of mushrooms, pour brandy or Madeira and leave for 3 hours.

Pork fillet miss twice through a meat grinder, salt, add spices and wine, in which marinated liver. Put the baking dish with minced meat, put in the middle of the liver, cover with minced meat, top with thin slices of bacon and bay leaves. Bake in a water bath at the rate of 30 minutes per kg food. Ready-made foie gras and let cool for 48 hours in the refrigerator.

How to choose a meat grinder. We will tell.

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