Salads with canned tuna: 8 recipes

→ Salads with canned tuna: 8 recipes

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Canned tuna can be seen in every store, they are usually indicated: "salad". But some salads can be prepared from such a product? About the most delicious read this article.

Canned tuna, we are not too popular, and the reasons are not very clear, it's very tasty and healthy product, which can make a lot of mouth-watering salads. These salads and we'll talk today.

Salads with canned tuna can be prepared for everyday snacks, as well as for a holiday - a lot of recipes allows you to choose from different options such dishes. Moreover, these salads are something new, not bored, because they are trained not every second cook and not for every occasion. They will love everyone who loves light salads with fish and canned fish.

First recipe: Quick tuna salad with pepper and egg

You will need: 4 boiled eggs, 2 bell peppers, 1 can of canned tuna, mayonnaise, salt.

How to prepare a salad with canned tuna and pepper. Finely chop the eggs and pepper, mix with tuna, if necessary podsolit and mayonnaise.

Preparation of the salad takes on the strength of 5 minutes, the result - a delicious and healthy snack.

Second recipe: Salad with tuna and avocado

picture - Salads with canned tuna: 8 recipes

You will need: 185g tuna in oil (1 bank), 2 avocado and cucumber small, 1 clove garlic, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise.

How to prepare a salad with tuna and avocado. Clear avocado, cut in half lengthwise, remove the bone, chop the flesh finely, put together in a salad bowl with tuna, add sliced julienne cucumber, chopped garlic, mayonnaise, mix well.

Third recipe: Tuna salad and celery

You will need: 300g of canned tuna in oil, 150g celery, 4 boiled eggs, 1 cucumber, mayonnaise.

How to prepare a salad with canned tuna and celery. Celery rubbed on a coarse grater, chop the eggs and cut into julienne cucumber, mix all with tuna, adding mayonnaise.

Recipe Four: Tuna salad and Chinese cabbage

You will need: 1 can of tuna canned in its own juice, cabbages Chinese cabbage, cucumber and onion, sour cream, mayonnaise.

How to prepare a salad of canned tuna and Chinese cabbage. Chop the onion finely and mix with the fish, cut cabbage, cucumber, add up all in a salad bowl, add the mayonnaise and sour cream (in a ratio of 1 to 1), mix well.

The following recipe is definitely deserves a place on the holiday table.

Fifth recipe: Tuna salad with pineapple and apple

Need: 5 potatoes boiled and boiled eggs, 5 cloves of garlic, 1 can of tuna in its own juice and apples? canned pineapple cans.

How to prepare a salad with tuna and an apple. Chopped eggs, rub on a coarse grater boiled potatoes, mash with a fork fish, chopped pineapple, peeled and rubbed on a coarse grater apple, pass it through a press garlic, season with all the mayonnaise and mix well.

Not all salads with tuna mayonnaise require quite a few recipes in which these snacks are filled, such as olive oil.

Sixth recipe: Tuna salad without mayonnaise

picture - Salads with canned tuna: 8 recipes

You will need: 250g of tuna in its own juice and onion, olives 50 b / c, 2 boiled eggs, lettuce, pepper, olive oil, vinegar.

How to cook tuna salad without mayonnaise. Hands to pick lettuce and put in a salad bowl, add the fish and pepper, top with finely chopped onions, olives and sprinkle with chopped eggs, pour the mixture of oil and vinegar.

Seventh recipe: Tuna salad with pasta and beans

You will need: 450g pasta, 300g of canned tuna on red beans and canned, 1 cup grated cheese (better - Swiss)? cup minced onions? cup chopped parsley, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, 1 tsp salt? tsp black pepper.

How to prepare a salad with tuna and beans. Boil pasta, cool. Stir beans, fish and parsley. Vinegar mixed with salt and pepper. Put the pasta in a salad bowl, add the mixture to the fish, pour sauce, stir and serve.

Well, the last recipe - very unusual in the proposed tuna salad perfect balance with banana.

Recipe eighth: Unusual tuna salad and banana

You will need: 600g of canned tuna, rice 200g, 2 bananas and tomatoes, 8 tablespoons vegetable oil 5 tbsp vinegar, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon chopped greens, sweet pepper grind, black pepper powder, salt.

How to prepare a salad with bananas and tuna. Boil the rice until tender, cool. On the drained tuna, mash with a fork fish, chop the tomatoes into cubes, removing them from the skin, cut into medium-sized bananas and sprinkle with lemon juice. Stir vinegar, paprika, pepper and salt, with a vegetable oil to enter whipping. Add to dressing rice, fish, bananas and tomatoes, remove before serving half an hour in the cold, decorate with parsley feeding.

Cook quick and tasty salads with tuna and discover new tastes!

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