Appetizer of crab salad "Snowmen"

→ Appetizer of crab salad "Snowmen"

picture - Appetizer of crab salad "Snowmen"

100 g crab sticks
what to choose? we'll show

3 boiled eggs

1 Bank canned corn

? glass boiled rice






This new year's eve appetizer prepared from classic salad with crab sticks, it will perfectly decorate the Christmas table.

Onions marinate, cut it rings and Bay 5 tbsp. water 5 tbsp. vinegar 6% and 2 tbsp. of sugar, and leave for 20 minutes

Grind in a meat grinder corn with crab sticks, eggs, rice and onions, add the mayonnaise and mix.

Molded from the resulting mass of balls in three sizes, roll in coconut flakes (or grated cheese or protein).

On a plate put the balls of larger size, they are smaller then the smallest, to make the caps and spouts snowmen of boiled carrots, eyes of cloves, hands from the stems of greenery, before serving Christmas buffet put into the cold.

How to choose a meat grinder. We'll show you.

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