Christmas salad with crab sticks

→ Christmas salad with crab sticks

picture - Christmas salad with crab sticksSalad with crab sticks long been the traditional decoration for any holiday table, because besides the great taste, this salad has a beautiful appearance, in fact, can decorate any table.

Salad with crab sticks will be a perfect addition to hot dishes, but can also be used as a delicious cold snacks.

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There are many different recipes salad with crab sticks, it all depends on your taste and wishes diversity.

For salad, we need: 500 gr. crab sticks, 2 cans corn, 5-7 eggs, 3 boiled potatoes, 2 small fresh cucumber, mayonnaise, salt.

A very important point is the correct choice of crab sticks, they should not be too dry, for this reason you should try the crab sticks or the other company.

The potatoes ahead of time to boil and cool, the same should be done with eggs.

Crab sticks small cut, you should really try to cut sticks as finely as possible, so they are in the salad will become quite aesthetic appearance.

After you sliced crab sticks, you need to start slicing cucumber and potatoes.

Chop the cucumber and potato must be small cubes. Eggs can finely crush with a fork.

All of this poured into a fairly deep bowl, after all the ingredients are chopped, you need to open the corn. Corn also should not be too dry and not sweet. Add the corn, and carefully stir the salad so that all the ingredients are blended.

After thorough mixing can be added to salad certain amount of salt " to taste", and of course, dress with mayonnaise.

Make your choice of mayonnaise on qualitative and fat, which will make the salad more rich and delicious.

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