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picture - Salad "Ananasik"Another salad that uses crab sticks, but the appearance of pineapple, lets make a salad is truly exquisite, original and extravagant. Try this salad, you can stop your choice on it, because it is very fast to prepare, does not require you some knowledge and skills, but it turns out to be surprisingly delicious and interesting.

The combination of sweet and juicy pineapple with crab sticks and other ingredients, lets make a salad perfect for virtually any table. In the new year, you can actually teach something new and special that can not fail to please your guests.

To prepare the salad you will need: 1 can of pineapple, 300gr. crab sticks, 3 boiled potatoes, 5-7 eggs, 300 gr. cheese, 1 can of corn, mayonnaise, parsley, and salt.

Canned pineapples obtain from banks and cut into cubes, then boil eggs and potatoes.

It is necessary to draw your attention to the fact that the potato can add more, all depends on your taste preferences.

Crab sticks cut into small cubes, chop eggs and potatoes are also quite small cubes.

After that, in the pre-harvested bowl begin to lay out the ingredients in layers.

First of all, spread on the bottom of salad bowl pineapple, rub a layer of mayonnaise, then spread crab sticks, again rub mayonnaise. Potatoes, put on crab sticks and again rub mayonnaise. Put the potatoes on top of the corn, mayonnaise and again after two more layers of crab sticks and pineapple.

Top liberally rub salad with mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated cheese in advance, you can decorate the salad with the help of herbs and pineapple.

Lettuce has a very interesting combination of sweet pineapple, crab sticks and salinity, in fact, you just can not deny myself in such a luxurious, simple and incredibly delicious salad.

Certainly worth a try.

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