Salad Christmas "Pineapple cap of Monomakh"

→ Salad Christmas "Pineapple cap of Monomakh"

picture - Salad Christmas "Pineapple cap of Monomakh"

200 g crab sticks or shrimp peeled
what to choose? we'll show

150 g cheese

1 tin canned pineapple rings

1 packing light mayonnaise

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pomegranate seeds

Set aside 4 pineapple rings for clearance, the rest cut into cubes.

On a small grater, RUB crab sticks, or boil shrimp and not too finely chopped.

Cut with packaging mayonnaise a little edge to the trickle of mayonnaise was fine.

Lettuce Christmas "Pineapple Monomakh's cap" on a flat dish layers: all shrimp/crab sticks, a layer of mayonnaise grid, pineapple, mayonnaise mesh, grated cheese, beautiful mayonnaise grid.

In the center of the salad put a slice of pineapple, the remaining three rings cut in half and put it on the sides of the salad at the same distance.

Before serving on the Christmas table, arrange the salad Christmas "Pineapple cap of Monomakh" greens and pomegranate seeds, chill at least 6 hours.

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