Useful for winter desserts: fruit and berry jam

→ Useful for winter desserts: fruit and berry jam

picture - Useful for winter desserts: fruit and berry jam

Jam can be doubly delicious, if it is cooked from several ingredients, such as cherry and apple, gooseberry and peach, etc. Such a wonderful jam, combining direct and berries, and fruits, winter will delight all the sweet tooth. In this collection of recipes we will talk about how to cook a variety of options for fruit and berry jam.

Raspberry, currant, strawberry - traditional jam, of course, everyone's favorite, tasty and healthy, sometimes a little bored, then, they are traditional. If this year you want something new, then select one of the most interesting variants of jam you can easily with our selections.

A variety of fruits and berries can be successfully combined with each other, preparing not only very tasty, but also useful jam, which the whole year will saturate the body with nutrients, raising immunity and improving health. For example, if an ordinary cook raspberry jam do not want to give up and use of this berry you also do not burn with the desire, you can cook raspberry melon jam.

Recipe for making jam and raspberry melon

You will need: 1 kg of melons, 800 g sugar, 300 g raspberries, 1 lemon and a glass of water.

How to cook the jam melon and raspberries. Lemon how to wash, dry, remove the peel without touching the white layer, fill zest sugar, sprinkle with lemon juice, leave for an hour. Melon cut into 4 pieces, cut peel, remove seeds and veins, cut by small slices. Raspberries quick rinse and dry. Sugar with lemon and water to make a syrup by cooking it with constant stirring over low heat to boil, put the pieces of melon, continue to cook longer stirring over low heat. By softened melon put raspberries, not stirring until thick jam, but make sure that it does not burn and remove the foam. The finished jam pour into sterilized jars, cork.

Recipes apple jam with berries

picture - Useful for winter desserts: fruit and berry jam

With so many types of berries can be combined in the preparation of this jam fruit like apples. Cherry, cranberry, cranberries - all this is a great "company" for apples.

Recipe cherry-apple jam with almonds

You will need: 1 kg of sugar, 0.5 kg for apples and cherries, pitted, 50 g almonds, 2 lemon - juice.

How to cook the jam with cherries, apples and almonds. Washed and dried cherries fill with sugar, leave for a day. Clear apples, cut out the seeds and pulp rub on a grater, put a cherry, and adding lemon juice, bring everything to a boil on high heat to boil the 4 min. Fry the almonds without oil on a dry frying pan, put in a jam, jam to decompose immediately sterilized jars and roll.

Recipe for apple jam with Kalina

You will need: 1 kg sugar, 1 kg of apples, 300g viburnum.

How to cook the jam of cranberry apple. Squeeze the juice of Viburnum using a juicer. Cut apples from seeds, cut into slices, pour the sugar and put on fire, boil until sugar is dissolved over low heat. Give the syrup to cool down with apples, pour the juice of Viburnum, boil again, then spread out on the banks of jam and roll up.

Jam recipe with apples and cranberries

You will need: 1 kg of cranberries, 250 g apples, sugar and water.

How to make cranberry jam and apples. Water and sugar in a saucepan combine to make the syrup, put in boiling syrup washed cranberries, stir and bring to a boil and remove from heat, allow to cool, then put on the stove. Clear apples, cut out the seeds, cut the flesh into thin slices, put to cranberries, stir and cook jam over low heat until tender - softening of apples. Hot jam expanded in sterile jars, roll up and wrap a blanket to cool.

Recipes jam cranberry fruit

picture - Useful for winter desserts: fruit and berry jam

Wonderful jam - tasty and healthy, you can cook in such a wonderful berry cranberry. It is also combined with many kinds of fruits, including oranges and apples.

Recipe cranberry jam with orange

You will need: 1 kg of cranberries, 8 cups sugar, 4 cups of water, zest of 1 orange.

How to cook cranberry jam with orange. Rinse cranberries, pour over boiling water and leave the water to syrup. Combining water with sugar syrup to cook in boiling syrup to put cranberries, over low heat to boil a bit and include heavy fire. Chopped orange zest add at the end of cooking jam. Hot pour the jam by banks.

Recipe cranberry jam with apples and nuts

You will need: 1 kg Antonov apples, 1 cup cranberries and shelled walnuts, 2.5 kg of sugar / honey.

How to cook the jam of cranberries, apples and nuts. Berries to sort and wash, put in a saucepan, pour in 0.5 cups of water, cover, simmer until berries are soft, then knead and rub through a very fine sieve. Honey reheat in a saucepan until almost boiling, put the cranberry sauce, apples (sliced seedless), nuts, boil for 1 hour.

If the jam is prepared with sugar, then out of it before placing the main ingredients cooked syrup combined with 1 cup of water.

Recipes jam dogwood

picture - Useful for winter desserts: fruit and berry jam

Another very useful berry - dogwood, make it delicious jam can be, if we combine it with apples, apricots and other fruits.

Cornel jam recipe with apple

Need: 2.4 kg sugar, 1.2 kg dogwood, 1 kg of apples, 1 liter of water.

How to cook the jam of dogwood. Remove the seeds from the berries of dogwood, peel the apples and cut into slices. Pour over apples and dogwood made from sugar and water hot syrup, leave for 5-6 hours. Cook until done in several stages: each time to bring to simmer to a boil, cook for 3-5 minutes and give to cool completely. Just to make jams require 3-4 hours.

Recipe of the dogwood jam with apricots

Need: 1,6kg sugar, 1 kg of dogwood, apricots 0.5 kg, 2.5 cups of water.

How to cook the jam with dogwood and apricot. Prepared from water and sugar syrup, boil after boiling it for 15 minutes. We washed apricots, remove the stones to sort berries, remove overripe, remove the stalk, put berries in an enamel container and fill with hot water, leave for 15 minutes, covered with a cloth. Drain the water, apricots and dogwood shift in the syrup, bring to a boil, cook for 1-2 minutes, removing the foam with a spoon. Remove the jam from the heat, leave at 6:00, then again, bring to a boil and boil until tender. Hot jam pour into sterile jars and cork.

Recipes jam of rowan

picture - Useful for winter desserts: fruit and berry jam

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