Fruit drinks - healthy and tasty drinks for the whole family

→ Fruit drinks - healthy and tasty drinks for the whole family

picture - Fruit drinks - healthy and tasty drinks for the whole family

Unfortunately, today's most popular drinks, which often appear in the diet of the inhabitants of our country, are all the juices from the package and soda. Such useful and, importantly, very tasty drinks like fruit drinks we somehow forget, but to prepare them quite easy, and the benefits for the body is just incredible!

Fruit drinks are drinks made from various fruits and berries with sugar and water. Fruit drinks are prepared in Russia from time immemorial, it is a very ancient drink, mentioned in the book "Domostroy". The word "mors" is of Byzantine origin, it is derived from the word "Morse", which translated means "water with honey". The most popular drinks today, made from these berries like cranberries and lingonberries. Fruit drinks made from raspberries, red currants, stone bramble, BlackBerry, rose hips, apples, oranges and many other fruits and berries.

Interestingly, traditional technology, which is brewed drinks, allows you to preserve maximum nutrients, so these drinks are not only delicious, perfectly quenches thirst, but also very useful.

How to make juice

According to the traditional technology of preparation of fruit drinks first from berries squeezed juice, then the juice is subjected to heat treatment is boiled in water, and the prepared broth is combined with raw berry juice. It's very simple, so make tasty juice can anyone, even with no experience cooking this procedure does not require special skills, knowledge and experience.

In any prepared drink, you can add grated peel or a slice of lemon or orange. And serve these drinks taken in glasses or jars: in the cold season - in the form of heat, and in summer with ice cubes.

Recipes fruit juice drinks

To any juice to taste need to give sweetness. Most often, this is done using sugar, but can be used with success and honey - taste will not deteriorate, quite the contrary. Than concentrated and richer in taste got your juice, the greater number of cooled boiled water can be diluted.

Very tasty fruit drinks are derived from berries, cranberries and apples.

The recipe for cranberry-Apple juice

You will need: 500 g apples, 200 g of cranberries, 200 ml of water, 4 tbsp. sugar, 1 pinch of vanilla.

How to make cranberry-Apple juice. The apples should be washed, peel and RUB on a grater, squeeze the juice. Pour in Apple juice half of the sugar to boil, then through cheesecloth or a sieve to drain, allow to settle, then gently, without shaking the sediment, pour into another container. To prepare cranberry juice. Combine juices, dilute the cooled boiled water, add vanilla, you can also add sugar to taste, serve the drink cold.

No less tasty juice is prepared from one of the apples.

Recipe Apple juice

You will need: 250 g sour apples, 1 l of water ? cups of sugar.

How to make Apple juice. Wash the apples and cut them in slices, pour in water, put them in a saucepan, bring to boil, 10 min boil, drain, pour in the broth, sugar, another 1-2 minutes to boil, allow to cool.

You can prepare juice from apples otherwise: using a juicer squeeze Apple juice, dilute it with water, adding the sugar and cinnamon to taste.

Lovely juice derived from apples with hips.

Recipe of juice from the hips and apples

picture - Fruit drinks - healthy and tasty drinks for the whole family

You will need: 500 g apples acid, 80 g of hips and honey (or 100 g sugar), 1 l of water, orange zest/lemon, acid or lemon juice to taste.

How to make juice with rose hips. Peel and finely chop the hips and apples, cover with cold water, boil, then drain, season the broth with honey or sugar, add a little zest and juice or citric acid.

Recipe of cherry juice

You will need: 2 cups cherries, 2 l of water, 1 Cup of sugar.

How to make juice from cherries. Berries, wash, remove seeds, mash. The pressed juice pour into a glass container and close tightly, put into the cold. The cake cherries pour hot water, 10 min to boil, then strain the broth to taste, add sugar and bring all to a boil, allow to cool, mix with cold pressed juice.

To prepare the fruit drinks of various berries better during their harvest, but some fruit drinks that you can prepare all year round, for example, from an orange or lemon.

Recipe of orange or lemon juice

picture - Fruit drinks - healthy and tasty drinks for the whole family

You will need: 1 liter of water, 120-130 grams of sugar, 1 medium lemon/orange.

How to make lemon or orange juice. Orange rinse, squeeze the juice, the remaining pulp from the peel and films finely chop and add hot water, bring to boil and 10-15 minutes to boil, remove from heat, allow half an hour to infuse, strain the broth, pressing into it the juice, add sugar, stir until it dissolves, pour the juice, mix well, cool.

Another type of juice that you can cook all year round - from the syrup.

The recipe juice of the berry or fruit syrup

You will need: 1 liter of water boiled, 180-200 ml berry/fruit syrup, lemon juice or acid taste.

How to make the drink syrup. Stir the syrup with boiled water, add juice or acid of lemon, if you got too sweet. Served this drink can be served hot, or cold as desired.

Interestingly, fruit drinks can be prepared not only from fruits and berries, but even vegetables, but we will talk about it separately. Preparation of fruit drinks takes a little time and does not require laborious and lengthy manipulation of products, so for all who prefer not only tasty but also healthy drinks, fruit drinks will be a great solution as in cold winter weather and summer heat.

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