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→ Traditional drinks: prepare pudding

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Probably every second in our country in childhood periodically varnish jelly, prepared a caring grandmother or mother. Jelly still, it would seem, was recently very popular drink, but at the present time it gradually forget. Meanwhile, prepare pudding is just, and this healthy drink can easily cook any cook, and we will tell you how.

First of all, let's talk about what is jelly. Kissel called sweet jelly-like drink made from dried or fresh berries and fruits with grain or starch ferment a thickener.

The pudding can be prepared from fruit juice, milk, jam, syrups.

Many phrase "preparation of the pudding" is associated with a long and complex process of cooking-mixing-thickening, which certainly lasts a few hours, but the situation is quite different! Preparation of jelly - the process is simple and fast enough if you know the General principles of cooking, to make it possible for literally half an hour.

One of the most ancient Russian drinks-foods are wheat, rye and oat jelly, the latter is a native Russian rustic dish. Fruit and berry jellies appeared only after the spread of Russia's potatoes and potato starch. The story of the jelly there is, even in the "Tale of bygone years" monk Nestor, who talks about how jelly saved the city during the siege of the Pechenegs.

Jelly: features and General principles of cooking

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In a few words to describe the preparation of the pudding: first from fruit or berries squeezed juice, then the juice filled with water (milk) and cooked syrup, resulting in boiling syrup with sugar and starch, jelly boil until thick, and then it joins the pressed juice. As you can see, cooking pudding is nothing intricate and complicated in it!

However, it should be borne in mind that the pudding is, first of all, jelly oatmeal, and this original drink is prepared a little differently. First of Hercules by really quite complex manipulations need to get oat concentrate, from which you can then cook the pudding, then immediately cook the pudding from this concentrate. But this time, thankfully, avoids the stage of preparation of the concentrate - natural concentrates for oat jelly sold everywhere and are very inexpensive. Therefore, in order to prepare oatmeal pudding, you need to buy such a concentrate and cook the pudding according to the instructions - it may require or do not require cooking at all.

Any pudding, and oatmeal especially this drink is not only delicious, but also very useful. With regular use jelly improves metabolism and digestion, overall health and mood, strengthens and heals the body. Especially useful jelly in gastritis and peptic ulcer diseases - they reduce the acidity of gastric juice.

Also useful properties jelly depend on its type:

Bilberry is useful in diseases of the digestive tract, infectious diseases, improves vision;
Apple - useful when vitamin deficiencies, anemia, as improving digestion means, as a dietary means;
Rainny is useful in diseases of the gallbladder and liver, has a slight diuretic, choleretic and laxative action;
Oatmeal and vitamin tool, useful in diseases of the stomach, as a fortifying agent;
Cherry has antiseptic properties, helps with inflammatory respiratory diseases;
Cranberry - when the flu and cold is the best drink, as it contains a lot of aspirin and ascorbic acid.

Recipes for jelly

picture - Traditional drinks: prepare pudding

For making jelly can be used as potato and corn starch. First it is better to use for fruit jelly and one for dairy and almond. Add in pudding sugar - everyone decides for himself, to taste. Much of the cooking liquor depends on what he is prepared, so it is best to consider the algorithm cooking on specific recipes.

The recipe for the pudding from any natural juice

You will need: 4 cups of juice, 3 cups water 3-4 tsp. starch, citric acid and sugar to taste.

How to make jelly from the juice. Juice halved. In one part pour hot water (1 part juice 8 parts of water), add citric acid and sugar, precipatate. Starch diluted in 3 cups of water, pour boiled juice, stir again and bring to boil, turn off the stove and immediately pour in the remaining untreated juice, stir, cool the pudding and serve.

For this recipe you can cook the pudding from any juice, if you want to make a drink from a particular fruit or berries, you can use the following recipes.

The recipe for blackcurrant jelly

You will need: 600g black currant, 4 cups water 2-3 tablespoons of starch, sugar to taste.

How to make blackcurrant jelly. To sort through the berries, rinse and squeeze out the juice, the juice to drain into the pan with cover, set aside. Cake cover with water, boil, drain the juice, which turned out, season with sugar to taste and pour the starch dissolved in cold water, boil 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Pour delayed currant juice in jelly, stir on low heat for long boil, not boiling.

Very healthy and delicious pudding made with pumpkin.

Recipe for pumpkin pudding

picture - Traditional drinks: prepare pudding

You will need: g pumpkin, 500g milk, 80g sugar, 50g starch, juice, raspberry or red currant.

How to make pumpkin pudding. Clear, on a small grater, grate the pumpkin, cold milk to dissolve the starch, taking it a bit, and the rest of the milk to heat, then cold starch milk solution pour in hot milk, bring to boil, stirring constantly. Next, add in the drink sugar, grated pumpkin, salt and add if desired, vanilla, stir to warm the drink. Serve with berry juice chilled.

In General, it is believed that for thick jelly you need to take 1 liter of fluid 70g starch, medium - 40g starch, liquid - 1 tbsp starch. Before adding to the liquid starch mix in a small amount of juice or cold water.

A recipe for cherry jelly

You will need: 400g pitted cherries, 1.7 l of water, 6 tablespoons of starch, sugar to taste.

How to make jelly from cherry. Pour the berry water, bring to boil, reduce the heat and add the sugar, boil for 10 minutes In ? Cup of cooled boiled water to dissolve the starch. With constant stirring, pour the starch mass trickle in cherry broth, bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Drink cold or hot.

Berries of broth in this recipe can not be removed.

The recipe is simple oat jelly

You will need: 1.5 cups water, 1 Cup of oat flakes "Hercules" and milk, 1/3 tsp. butter, salt.

How to cook oatmeal pudding. Pour the oatmeal with warm water at night to keep warm, drain, salt liquid and put to boil until thick with frequent stirring. Put into hot pudding butter, serve the chilled pudding with milk and sugar.

Boil the jelly from the fruit in a very different form - pomace, purees, and even in the form of dried fruits and dried.

Recipe of pudding with dried apricots

You will need: 100g dried apricots, 5 tbsp sugar, 1 liter of water, 2 tsp. cornstarch, citric acid.

How to make pudding with dried apricots. Pour the dried apricots with water, boil until soft, RUB or blend blender, add sugar and citric acid, stir, bring to a boil, add the dissolved starch, immediately remove from heat, stir and cool the pudding.

Jelly made from dried apples

You will need: 100g of dried apples, 4 cups water 2-3 tsp. starch.

How to make jelly from dried apples. Pour the apples with hot water, boil with the lid 15-20 minutes to the cooking, then blend, add the starch and stir.

As you can see, cooking pudding is not as difficult as it seems. Cook for your family natural, tasty and healthy drink and be healthy! Don't forget this classic Russian cuisine, which increased our ancestors!

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