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For milk pudding:

2 glass milk
what kind of milk should I choose? we'll show

1/2 tbsp. potato starch - 1

1/4 glass sugar

For cranberry jelly:

1/2 glass cranberry - 1

1 tbsp. potato starch

1/2 glass sugar

For milk pudding milk bring to the boil, add the sugar, pour diluted with cold milk starch and cook the mixture until thick. Pudding cool. In a pudding, you can add 1 - stamens of the saffron. this will give the pudding a Golden color and a pleasant aroma.

For cranberry jelly from the berries squeeze the juice. The pulp pour 2 1/2 cups of water, simmer for 2-3 minutes, then strain. In the boiling broth, add sugar, pour diluted with a small amount of cold water starch, cook the mixture until thick and add the previously pressed juice. Pudding cool.

In the ice-cream bowls, moistened with water, pour in a layer of milk pudding, cool. Then pour a layer of cranberry jelly, again cool. Repeat so that layers until all the jelly. The dessert cool.

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