Jelly "Valentine's Day"

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500 ml cream 10%

100 ml compote cherry/strawberry/raspberry

70-80 g sugar

4 tsp. gelatin

You need two forms of heart 100 and 500 ml.

Pour gelatin (1 teaspoon) 50 ml of cold boiled water for an hour to leave, then bring to the boil and remove from the stove, not boiling.

To connect tachypacing gelatin with fruit compote and stir, pour the mixture into a small shape, clean for 3-4 hours in the cold.

Pour remaining gelatin 100 ml of cooled boiled water, leave for an hour, then bring to the boil, then combine with cream and sugar, stir thoroughly.

To get out of shape little heart, lowering the form of a jet of hot water for a few seconds, put the heart in the middle of the large form.

Carefully pour 1-2 cm cream, put into the cold for 20 minutes, then pour in the remaining cream and put in the fridge for 5-6 hours.

Served jelly "Valentine's Day" as a dessert, with this holiday dessert lovers will be even more romantic!

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