Cranberry jelly

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180 g cranberry

1.2 l water

180 g sugar

2 Art. l. potato starch

Cranberry jelly for sorted and washed well with cold water. Squeeze the juice, poured it into a non-oxidizing bowl, cover with a lid and put them in the fridge.

The remaining pulp is pour hot water and boil for 6 minutes, strain. Part of the cooled broth.

In cooked broth put sugar, bring to a boil and boil until sugar is dissolved. Then, in the boiling syrup stirring continuously added starch, dissolved part of the cooled broth, and bring to a boil, but do not boil. Starch immediately after brewing, and juice is poured into a well stirred. Jelly poured into glasses or bowls. On the surface of the jelly does not form a film, jelly sprinkled with sugar or powdered sugar.

Kissel cooled and fed. You can put a scoop of ice cream on top of the jelly or whipped cream.

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