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For this recipe you will need: - language - 1 pc. - Spices - boiled egg - vegetables - jelly

Language cook with spices (bay leaf, parsley or celery). Cool and cut into thin slices, put them on a platter and garnish with slices of boiled eggs, vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, etc.) and greens. From the broth obtained in the cooking language prepare jelly (at 2.5-3 st.zhele, 20-25g. Gelatin). Jelly drain, pour over the language and put in the cold to freeze. And it is possible and a little perverted: pour a layer of jelly, give it to harden, and then put the pieces of beautiful language, etc., and then pour the second portion of jelly. In this case, you can use the mold. Before serving, warm up in hot water (40-50gr.) And out onto a plate.

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