Language baked with potatoes

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For this recipe you will need:

330 g language

30 g roots and onions (for cooking)

40 g butter

300 g sauce

450 g potato

15 g cheese

15 g crackers

bay leaf, peppercorns, herbs - to taste

Boil fresh language, remove the skin and cut into small thin slices. On a plate or a la carte pan, greased with butter, pour a thin layer 14 of the onion sauce with mushrooms, put on his tongue slices, and around them slices of boiled potatoes.

Pour over potatoes and the rest of the language sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese mixed with crushed biscuits, drizzle with oil and bake in the Ovens or elektrogrile to form on the surface of the sauce golden brown.

Language can also bake under any other sauce, such as tomato, sour cream, onion and without onions or milk Post language in the same pot in which it is baked, watering butter and sprinkle with herbs.

How to choose electrical grill. We will tell.

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