Language with berry sauce

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picture - Language with berry sauce

Required products:

900 g veal tongue

1 PCs carrots

1 onion - head


For the sauce:

300 g red currant

2 tbsp. wheat flour
what kind of flour should I choose? we'll show

2 tbsp. olive oil



1. Onions and carrots coarsely chop and popecia dry

a pan.

2. Language add the hot water, salt and cook

1, 5-2 hours on low heat, adding in the end of cooking

baked vegetables.

3. Boiled tongue skin, dropping it into cold water.

4. Prepared language slice.

5. For the sauce, currant RUB through a sieve.

6. Flour dry on a dry pan.

7. Berry puree connect with dried flour, add 1/2 Cup of broth left over from cooking, language, sugar, salt and cook until thick.

8. When applying the language will lay out on a dish, pour the berry sauce. Hareruya mashed potatoes. Decorate with greens.

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