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Required Products:

120 g low-fat ham

120 g boiled tongue

120 g boiled chicken

100 g meat boiled or fried

600 g meat broth

24 g gelatin

boiled carrots - for decoration

Cucumbers - for processing

sweet pepper - for decoration

boiled egg - for decoration

horseradish sauce with vinegar - to feed

Gelatin soaked in sixfold amount of cold water.

Prepare meat jelly, as in the recipe "Language filler."

Boiled language (see. Recipe "Language boiled with vegetables"), the flesh of poultry, meat and ham cut into thin slices.

In the forms for jellied dishes poured cold jelly layer of 0.5 cm and cooled to gelling.

On a layer of jelly laid out, alternating in color, sliced meat products, so that subsequently obtained when cutting individual portions. Decorate figured sliced carrots, cucumber, pepper, egg white, sprigs of greenery. Again, a thin layer of jelly is poured and cooled.

After hardening, the remaining cuts poured jelly layer so that it is not less than 0.5 cm, and cooled.

When serving platter cut into portions of the vibrational motion of the knife to the edge of corrugated turned and laid out on a plate. Side can be expanded garnish: pickles, canned or fresh vegetables. Separately in a gravy boat horseradish sauce served with vinegar.

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