Appetizer "Hangover"

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Required products:

50 g sturgeon cooked

50 g boiled tongue

50 g Turkey cooked fillets

1 PCs carrots

10 g gelatin

1 glass the broth from the Turkey


1/2 glass sauerkraut

1 PCs the cucumber

1 PCs sweet red pepper marinated

5-6 PCs olives

3-5 PCs the leaves of green salad

1-2 tbsp. the horseradish sauce with vinegar

Sturgeon, language, and Turkey cut into slices, arrange sliced carrots and greens. Gelatine soaked in cold water, then dissolve it in a water bath and combine with broth. Jelly, bring to boil and cool.

Prepared ingredients pour separately prepared jello and cool.

When the jelly hardens, snacks put on a plate lined with lettuce leaves, garnish with black olives, diced vegetables and cabbage, laying their slides. The sauce served separately.

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