Drink Raspberry - use all year round

→ Drink Raspberry - use all year round

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Raspberries are known berry not only tasty but also very useful. And enjoy its benefits can not only eating jam or desserts made with this wonderful berry, and quenching his thirst with a drink from it. Such drinks today and we will tell.

The healing properties of raspberries are described in hundreds of directories, and each child learns that this berry is the most useful, since childhood, from the words of my mother and grandmothers. Raspberries should be included in the daily diet in the summer, when this bright and juicy berry and lures its fragrance, and in winter, when the body is weakened and in need of additional sources of vitamins and minerals. Such a source of health needs us all year round, and the most remarkable thing is that when cooked raspberries does not lose its medicinal properties, so it is for her to do calculations in our country for centuries, making the blank - it really gives us health at any time of the year. And especially in the summer when it is available to us not only in the form of jam and other pieces, but also in a variety of desserts, of course, in raw form, and in a variety of delicious and refreshing drinks.

Raspberry is possible to prepare a wide variety of drinks from soft raspberry wine, liqueurs and cordials. We focus our attention on the former.

What drinks can be prepared from raspberries

picture - Drink Raspberry - use all year round

From such a wonderful berries like raspberries can cook a lot of different delicious, refreshing and, most importantly, medicinal drinks: cocktails, fruit drinks, punches, compotes, etc. Again - all of these drinks will be very useful, since the heat treatment raspberry does not lose its beneficial properties. Some drinks can be harvested in the winter, while others are only available in the summer, because they must be used immediately after preparation.

Recipe raspberry compote (in the winter)

Need: 700 g raspberry, 300 g of sugar and water.

How to cook raspberry compote. In a saucepan add sugar, add water, bring to a boil, allow to cool, strain. Berries sort, wash, pour the cooked syrup, remove in the cold for 3 hours, then drain the resulting juice and berries spread out on a clean dry banks. Bring Strained juice to a boil, pour the berries in the banks, then the banks sterilize 10 minutes (0.5 L) or 15 minutes (1 liter).

The main drawback of raspberries - it often contains insects. To drink before cooking to remove them without damaging the berries, it should be 7-8 minutes immersed in a one percent salt solution (for 1 liter of 1% salt solution should take 990ml of water and 10 g of salt) - all insects emerge, then discard the raspberries in a colander and then again placed in water, but in a clean, then dry them before further preparation.

Next drink, which we describe - Punch Raspberry, who gladly drink all children with colds, even the most fastidious.

Cooking recipe raspberry punch

You will need: 1 cup of cream, 0.5 cups of raspberry juice, 1/3 cup powdered sugar.

How to cook raspberry punch. Whip cream with powdered sugar, then continue whisking enter raspberry juice when the drink is smooth, put it on the stove, pour into an enamel bowl, and heat, without boiling. Raspberry punch served hot.

Very similar to the following raspberry punch drink, but he served, on the contrary, cold.

Recipe for a refreshing drink raspberry cream

You will need: 3 cups raspberries 2 cups of cold cream, 0.5 cups of powdered sugar, edible ice cubes.

How to prepare a refreshing drink from the raspberries. Berries wash, dry, knead with a spoon or blender pyurirovat. Pour the puree into the cream, add powdered sugar, beat thoroughly. Pour the drink into glasses and serve, adding each to a few ice cubes.

Is simple to prepare and raspberry juice.

Cooking recipe raspberry fruit drink

Need: 150 g raspberry, 100 g of sugar, 1 liter of boiling water.

How to cook raspberry juice. Raspberry squeeze the juice, pour pomace liter of hot boiled water and leave for 45 minutes, squeeze bagasse, broth drain. In the broth add sugar, stir, pour the squeezed juice from the berries and give Morse brew before serving.

With raspberries can prepare a refreshing drink milk, lemon juice, mineral water and regular water. All of them will be very refreshing, pleasant taste delight.

Recipe mint-lemon drink with raspberries

picture - Drink Raspberry - use all year round

You will need: 2 liters of water, 2 cups lemon juice, 1.5 cups of raspberries, 1 cup mint, 0.5 cups of sugar, ice.

How to cook lemon-mint raspberry lemonade. 500 ml of water, pour into a large pot, put the mint, finely pre-chop it, add sugar and bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat, and 12-15 minutes to boil. Add to the pot raspberries, pour the lemon juice, the remaining 1.5 liters of water at room temperature to cool down at night and put into the refrigerator. Strain liquid through cheesecloth or a sieve, rubbing berries and mint and removing bone raspberries and serve a drink with ice.

Recipe raspberry milk drink

You will need:? glass of cold milk, 1/5 cup of cold boiled water, 2 tablespoons raspberry juice, 2 tsp sugar.

How to cook milk drink with raspberries. Raspberry juice mixed with milk, add sugar, add water, stir to dissolve the sugar and serve chilled.

Adults will love this unusual raspberry cocktail.

Raspberry cocktail recipe on mineral water

You will need: 500 ml unsalted mineral water, 250 ml of water, 2 cups fresh raspberries, 0.5 cups sugar, 1 tbsp liquor.

How to cook raspberry cocktail. Sugar pour boiling water, boil for 3 minutes, to give the syrup to cool. Mash the berries with a spoon or prepared pyurirovat blender, add the liqueur and syrup, stir and let stand for 2-3 hours, strain the liquid, to connect it with carbonated water, cool and serve.

All ice cream lovers will enjoy this cocktail with raspberries.

Recipe raspberry cocktail with ice cream

You will need: 200 g of ice cream, 3 cups of mineral water, 1.5 cups of raspberries, 0.5 cups of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon sugar.

How to cook raspberry cocktail with ice cream. Stir raspberries with sugar and lemon juice, 10 minutes to insist, then rub the mixture through a sieve. The resulting syrup is poured into a container, cover with mineral water and mix. Pour into glasses and cocktail each put a few scoops of ice cream.

Raspberry drink suitable for any occasion: they can apply guests unexpectedly appeared, simply to children or adults in the heat they can serve as a refreshing drink regenerating. In any case, these drinks are tasty and healthy, try and see for yourself!

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