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When and who first called compote compote, now I can't find out. The word is French, and originally a true compote was a dessert. Served it in bowls and eaten with spoons, because it was nothing like cooked fruit, bathed in sweet syrup. Today compote is that you can drink and eat. And if you try to prepare for the future.

Among the many gifts of nature "berry raspberries us to himself Manila" most often. Raspberry compote is delicious and healthy, as raspberries does not lose its medicinal properties after heat treatment. Useful raspberries with atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and kidney disease. Compote from it serves as an excellent antipyretic agent due to the high content of salicylic acid. In addition, berry, in addition to organic acids, vitamins, mineral substances and trace elements, contains copper, which make part of most drugs from depression. So let's pour a glass of raspberry compote and raise your mood!

Recipe of raspberry compote

picture - Compote of raspberries

Tip:the compote can be prepared from both fresh and frozen raspberries. Before you cook the compote of fresh raspberries, put berries in salty warm water - so you will save them from insects and larvae.For its rich taste in raspberry compote you can put a small slice of lemon, or add two pinches citric acid.

Ingredients (per 1 liter jar):
Raspberry - 700-900 g
Sugar - 200-350 g
Water is 1.5-2 litres
The compote can be prepared from both fresh and frozen raspberries.
Raspberries go through, free from twigs, leaves and sepals, and, having fallen asleep in a sieve, quickly rinse with cold water. A sieve with raspberries to install on any empty bottle and wait for that glass of water. At the same time with this couple can be sterilized glass jar.
While the Bank will be sterilized, prepared in advance of the water and sugar to make syrup and waiting for it to boil, immediately put the washed berries on the bottom of the jar. The syrup boil for 5-7 minutes on the fire, and then, once boiling, pour it into a sterile jar with fruit, trying to hit it exactly in the center of the vessel. Filled to the brim, the Bank must be clean and sterile cork lid. Then sealed the container of ready-made compote to turn upside down and wait for it to cool.
It is recommended to store this compote in a cool dark place, but not longer than five months. Because for longer periods raspberry compote acquires a bitter taste, which gives it the seeds of the fruit.

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