Jam cranberry - recipes dessert for the winter

→ Jam cranberry - recipes dessert for the winter

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Cranberry - berry is very useful, so at least one jam jar of cranberry should be in every home. In this article we will talk about how to make a delicious jam cranberries in the winter.

Cranberries called the "king of berries" because of its incredible useful properties. Giving the harvest at the end of the warm season, September-October, it accumulates all possible useful properties, which may have only berry. A range of organic acids (glycolic, malic, citric, Hinn, oxalic acid, and others), vitamins (C, B2, P and others) and other valuable substances (carotene, pectin, essential oils, sugar and so on) - all contained in cranberries.

Cranberry has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, antiseptic, dinocephalia, wound-healing effect, removes toxins, helps with allergies, has beneficial effects on cardiovascular diseases, gastritis with low acidity, heartburn, diarrhoea, infectious diseases of the bladder, liver and kidneys (including purulent - when antibiotics don't help), removes the stones from the body and prevents their formation. Also cranberry quenches the thirst when fevers, helps with skin diseases (eczema, scrofula and other), edema, colds, sore throat, gynecological diseases, heals burns and wounds, is the prevention of cancer. And this is not a complete list of useful properties of cranberries.

Gather cranberries, from September until a steady snow cover and early spring (at this time it is sweeter, because it contains less vitamin C). In Latin the name cranberry means "marsh" - it is on the marshy places to look for these ruby-red berries.

Recipe of cranberry jam

picture - Jam cranberry - recipes dessert for the winter

Cranberries are good for making jelly-syrups, beer, juices, jellies, fillings for cakes and, of course, cooking. And it is in this type prefer to eat many because fresh it has a very specific sour-bitter taste. Jam is one of the most popular ways of cooking the cranberries, and make it very simple.

The recipe is simple jam cranberry

You will need: 1.5 to 1.6 kg sugar, 1 kg of cranberries, 2-2 .5 cups of water.

How to make jam from the cranberries. To omit the cranberries in boiling water and 3-min cook in boiling water. Of sugar and water boiled syrup, add berries, pre tossing them in the colander out of the boiling water. To jam in one step, with careful stirring (up to practicalise droplets). Chilled jam put on sterilized banks, sterile cork lids.

The jam recipe of cranberry honey

You will need: 1.6 kg of honey 1kg cranberry, 2-2 .5 cups of water.

How to make cranberry jam with honey. 3-min to omit the cranberries in boiling water, then drain in a colander. Out of the water and honey to cook the syrup, pour into it the berries and boil the jam over low heat in one step. Hot jam to put in sterilized jars and seal.

Recipe of jam from the cranberries with apples and walnuts

You will need: honey 3kg, 1kg cranberry and Antonov apples, 1 Cup walnuts treated.

How to make jam with cranberries and apples. Cranberries to sort, wash, put in a pan, pour ? a glass of water, under cover, boil until soft, then mash and RUB through a sieve. Put mashed cranberries into a bowl with boiled honey, add the apples (pre-clear them from seeds and cut into slices), nuts, boil jam 1H and pour into banks. You can make this jam on sugar: adding sugar to a glass of water, boil the syrup, then in him put berry puree and do exactly the same that in the case of honey.

There are many recipes for jams, cranberry, and, when selecting a recipe, remember: the longer the berries subjected to heat treatment, the less it will remain useful substances. Good blanks!

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