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Cranberries can be called the most valuable berry northern forests. Our ancestors have long used it for colds and infectious diseases, increased temperature and metabolic disorders.

Cranberries - leading in the number of berries contained therein vitamins and minerals. Its advantageous properties and are used in medicine and cosmetology, and, of course, in cooking. After all of it can be cooked jam, and tea, and juice. Cranberry juice - a real fount of strength and health. Besides the fact that it plenty of vitamins and minerals, this juice has a very low calorie, which is very important for those who are going to throw off the excess weight.

Recipe cranberry juice

picture - Cranberry
We need:

  • Water - 1.5 L
  • cranberries - 1 tbsp
  • Sugar - Article 0.5

Cranberries are sorted out, washed out. Then we press a wooden spoon, wooden namely, to not oxidized cranberries. Then put the berries in a cheesecloth and squeeze the juice. Scrap obtained fill with water, boil. The resulting broth need to drain, add the sugar and pour the cooked juice.

Tip: Ready juice can be drunk as hot, especially it will be useful for colds, flu and fever, and cold, it will invigorate the summer, quench thirst, give strength and help relieve swelling, as cranberry juice - an excellent natural diuretic.

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