Compote of apples for the winter - 3 recipes

→ Compote of apples for the winter - 3 recipes

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Apple compote - it is very tasty, fragrant, very over-year. In the cold autumn and, moreover, such a winter's day kompotik give the most pleasant emotions. In this article - simple recipes stewed apples for the winter.

How to cook apple compote in the winter? Very simply, if you have a good recipe at hand and stay in a good mood, having also a certain amount of time, and, of course, apples. It's a simple preparation, master who can be anyone.

From time immemorial in Russia cooked compote of berries and fruits, but called them Uzvar (or stewed fruit) and made without sugar. This drink was considered a holiday, and fed on Christmas Eve. It is often made from dried fruit: pears, apples, raisins, prunes, etc.

Recipe One: Simple compote of apples for the winter

Need (for each bank 3L): 1kg apples 200g sugar.

How to cook a very simple compote of apples for the winter. Apples are washed, cut into 4 pieces large and small - 2, cut out the seeds, but do not clean the apples from the skin. Lower the prepared apples in water acidified with citric acid (3 g per 1 liter of water acid). In sterilized jars lay 3L apples, filling the jars on? -1/3, Pour boiling water to the very neck, cover with a sterile lid and allow to cool for 1-1,5ch. Drain the water from each pot, pour into it the sugar, bring to a boil (if the water with 2 jars, add 400g of sugar, if 3 - 600g, etc.), boil for 5 min and pour syrup cooked apples, cork lids. Turn the jars with compote, wrap and allow to cool so.

For flavor in a compote can add cinnamon or mint leaves in any form.

Recipe Two: Compote with apple and grapes for the winter

picture - Compote of apples for the winter - 3 recipes

Need (for each bank 2n): 2-3 medium apples, 2-3 bunches of dark grapes (Isabella sort or another), 200g of sugar, 1.5 liters of water on.

How to make apple-orange compote for the winter. Banks are sterilized, cover - also, in each jar put as many as 2-3 apples washed, add 3/2 bunch of washed grapes - a bank must be filled to 2/3 of the volume. Water, based on each bank 1.5l of water, bring to a boil, pour into jars and cover them with sterile lids, to sustain so 15-20min, then drain the water into a saucepan, add sugar to it in 200g per jar, boil syrup 3min, pour into jars for most of their neck and cork lids. If syrup is not enough, add boiling water to the banks.

Another option for the winter apple compote, see the videoretsepte.

Videoretsept cooking compote of apples for the winter

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