Apple compote c grapes

→ Apple compote c grapes

picture - Apple compote c grapes

grapes (with a small number of seeds)

apples (kilashee, with white pulp)

for the filling:

1 l water

400 g sugar

Grapes carefully separated from the brushes (not cut - the remains of branches contribute to the emergence of a tart taste in the juice), wash thoroughly in warm water to remove traces of chemical treatments and leave dry. The washed apples clean, remove the stem and sepals,cut in half and cut out the core.

Apples cut into cubes about the same size as grapes and quickly immersed in acidified water (1 l of water 1 teaspoon of vinegar or 5 g of citric acid), so that they do not darken in the air. Apples are removed from solution, rinsed and durum cook in nearly boiling the solution with the addition of citric acid (1 l of water, 3 g of acid and 100 g of sugar) for 1 minute.

Then the apples cool in cold water, take out and after drying stack layers interspersed with grapes on the net banks. Pour hot filling, made with a sugar solution remaining after boiling apples, banks closed, set in the sterilization tank with hot water and sterilized.

Sterilization time banks are warming up to 85C, 20 minutes, and sterilization at 85C: banks with a volume of 0.7 - 0.9 l - 25 minutes, banks 0.5 l - 20 minutes.

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