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Another perfect summer drink is a compote of plums, which it is so tasty if you cook it from harvest ripe and fragrant fruits. We will talk about cooking a delicious compote of plums on a simple and proven recipe.

Compote of plums are prepared for use immediately, and in the winter, and depend on some features of their cooking. If you are making juice for the winter, you can use spoiled or unripe plums in no case should not drink because they can to begin to ferment in the course should go only whole fruit without cracks and damaged areas. If you drink compote family will be immediately after cooking, the course can go any plums, including overripe and solid, but with the spoiled, you can simply cut off the affected areas.

The making of plum compote is very simple, given that there are recipes that are completely ruled out any complexity. In such recipes plums should not be cleaned, remove the seeds, pre-boil - this compote is done in a matter of minutes, but, of course, is not suitable for long term storage.

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picture - Compote of plums

Need (for jars 3l): 250g plums, 50-100g of sugar.

How to make a compote of plums. Plum rinse well, Pat dry and place in boiling water, add sugar, bring to boil again. After boiling, turn the heat off under the lid to allow the compote to cool. Serve the compote to the table, adding two glasses of ice.

If plum compote is too sweet, add a little bit of apples Antonovka: just add right in the pot finely sliced big Apple, again bring the juice to a boil, make the minimum fire and 5-min cook for a drink. Then just let the drink cool.

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