Pear, plum compote

→ Pear, plum compote

picture - Pear, plum compote

2.45 kg pears

1.85 kg plums

1 l water

550 g sugar

10 cans of 0.5 liter capacity: Pears and plums are washed, cut into quarters pears, plums - in half and remove pits from them. Pears and plums mixed tightly placed in jars and pour hot (80-85 ° C) syrup so that the fruits were completely covered with them. Stuffed banks served boiled lacquered lid and put in a pot of water heated to 75 ° C for sterilization. Sterilization at 100 ° C 0.5 liter cans - 15-20 min, 1 l - 25-30 min, 3 L - 45-50 minutes. After processing, cans are hermetically sealed, is turned upside down and cooled rapidly as possible, but not in a draft.

In compote can add citric acid (2-3 g per 1 kg of fruit).

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