Salad "Pleasure"

→ Salad "Pleasure"

Unique taste of mushrooms, pineapple and crab sticks simply is not possible to describe in words, but still such salads stale sooner or later, and people want to try something new and interesting.

Of course, traditional salads occupy a place of honor on your New Year's table, but still worth something to diversify.

We suggest that you try a new, interesting and exciting salad that many have long become the ideal choice, and traditional food.

For the preparation you will need: 500g. crab sticks, 1b. pineapples, 1b. corn, 200 gr. -kopchennoy raw sausage, boiled potatoes 4, 5 boiled eggs, cucumbers, boiled carrots, 300g. pickled mushrooms 300 gr. cheese, herbs, sour cream or mayonnaise.

Crab sticks cut into very small cubes, pineapple cut into cubes as well, but bigger.

Sausage must be sliced thin and long strips. Cook eggs, potatoes, carrots.

After that, chopped carrots and potatoes into cubes, eggs and thoroughly cleanse davim using a fork. Marinated mushrooms are best cut into strips, medium-sized and rather short, but if you do not want to take for a ride, you can cut into cubes.

All the ingredients are laid out in a bowl, and mix thoroughly, add the corn and chopped cucumber. Mayonnaise and mix well again.

After that, the top Smooth mayonnaise, cheese and sprinkle rub salad can be decorated with pineapple, herbs, or mushrooms.

Salad is delicious and has a great difference from other salads. Your guests will certainly be simply amazed by your skill to do all gorgeous, elegant and ... so delicious.

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