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glass Yogurt or sour cream (floor)
what kind of yogurt to choose? we'll show

Butter (a quarter packs)

glass Flour (half)

Soda (one third of a small spoon, put out)

Salt (to taste)

100 g Tomatoes (preferably canned )

250 g Boiled sausage ()

200 g Bacon ()

150 g Mushrooms ()

200 g Cheese ()

Onions (a couple of heads)

Olives (pitted, black, with a third of a jar)


The dough is kneaded out of the yogurt, grated butter, flour, soda and salt: to quickly mix and roll into a ball. It is advisable to let it infuse in the refrigerator for 60 minutes in a food film. Then the dough is rolled into the form of pizza, rubbed and free from skin and seeds, mashed with a fork tomatoes and spread a layer of filling. First - sausage, bacon and olives, then sauteed mushrooms, oregano and sliced fried onion rings. All filled with grated cheese and we will lay in the oven for a quarter of an hour at a temperature of from 200 to 220 degrees. Cut pizza to hot.

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