Cake "Bear"

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picture - Cake "Bear"


3 glass flour
some flour to choose? we'll show

1.5 glass sour cream

1.5 glass sugar

2 Art. l. cocoa

1 h. l. soda


100 g walnuts

2 glass sour cream 20-30%

1.5 glass powdered sugar

vanilla sugar


70 g butter

5 Art. l. sugar

4 Art. l. milk

3 Art. l. cocoa

Sour cream combine with soda, leave for 5-7min, add flour and sugar, mix until smooth, divide the dough in half, add one part cocoa, mix well, bake cakes from each part.

Cream: Add sour cream and vanilla icing sugar, whipped, add the chopped nuts ,.

Glaze: Combine cocoa and sugar, add milk and cook until thickened, add at the end of oil, mix well.

Cut each cake in half lengthwise, collect cake "Bear" as follows: sandwiching cream cakes and lay on top of each other, alternating in color, from top to put on the cake icing, decorate cake "Bear" to taste, remove to chill on 2-4ch for impregnation .

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