Pancakes on kefir "custard"

→ Pancakes on kefir "custard"

picture - Pancakes on kefir "custard"

500 ml yogurt (3.2%)
some yogurt to choose? we'll show

300 g flour

2 eggs

3-4 Art. l. vegetable oil

? h. l. soda

? h. l. salt

? h. l. sugar

In bowl pour the yogurt, add egg, sugar and salt, lightly beat until smooth, then put the pot on the stove, stirring constantly heated to a temperature of about 60 degrees, remove the pan from the heat and add the flour, the dough should turn out for pancakes.

In the cup of boiling water add soda, stir, pour the water into the dough with constant stirring, then add the vegetable oil to the dough and mix.

Leave the dough for 40 minutes, heat the pan, grease it with vegetable oil applied to the half peeled onions or potatoes.

Ladle to pour batter into the pan and cook custard pancakes on both sides, turning when the edges flushed.

Spread yogurt pancakes for "custard" in a dish, promazyvaya butter.

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