Is it possible for children to drink coffee?

→ Is it possible for children to drink coffee?

picture - Is it possible for children to drink coffee?Coffee stimulates brain activity and improves memory. This, of course, very useful for children who need to absorb a lot of information in a short time. However, other side effects of coffee devalue a favor. Therefore, children under the age of majority is not recommended to consume this drink.

Coffee, especially soluble, accelerates the removal of calcium from the body, so necessary a growing baby. Coffee affects the hormonal system, in particular for the production of sex hormones. For adults it is even useful, and the children may be hormonal disruptions that will emerge in a few years.

Coffee stimulates the pleasure centers. If you regularly drink coffee, felt the rise and burst of energy. Gradually get used to the pleasure centers, and it is simply necessary to have coffee in an increasing amount, otherwise there is depression and fatigue. Children who grow up after such &&171; preparation of coffee&&187; seek stronger stimuli pleasure centers, gradually moving to drugs and strong alcohol.

Caffeine is contained in coffee, actively affects the nervous system. A large concentration of trace elements in the child's body can cause increased mental activity, irritability, and a burst of energy in the first hours after taking coffee.

Excessive excitement for the baby is very harmful. A child can be capricious and often unjustly cry. Because of the coffee breaks children's sleep. In addition, caffeine can cause lethargy, confusion and excessive fatigue - after ejected energy charge has run its course.

These symptoms are similar to the manifestations of the syndrome distraction / hyperactivity disorder scattering (P / GR). For this reason, many parents are in a hurry to conclude that their children P / GR, and seek medical help. If the child did these symptoms, you must first determine whether it is connected with excessive caffeine consumption.

Keep in mind that children often love chocolate, which also contains caffeine. This trace element is in the tea and cocoa. Will be much better if a child my mother instead of coffee will offer fresh juice, yogurt, yogurt or milk. These products are much healthier children.

Interesting facts:

- If you drink coffee once a month, harm to the child will not be. But regular daily consumption to no good leads.

- The presence of milk in the coffee only partially removes the negative effects.

- If decaffeinated coffee, it is still not desirable, because the coffee there is about a dozen active ingredients.

- Do not assume instant coffee safer than natural. Effect of all components of the soluble coffee are not yet fully understood, the consequences are unpredictable.

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