Festive salad "vine"

→ Festive salad "vine"

picture - Festive salad "vine"

1 kg grapes of different colors

300 g mayonnaise
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

200 g smoked chicken breast

100 g cheese

5 boiled eggs

Such a beautiful and simple to prepare Christmas salad will surprise all, perfectly decorate the Christmas table.

Cut half of the grape in half, remove the seeds, put the first layer on the bottom of the salad bowl in any color sequence.

Egg whites grate, put the second layer, previously a little brushing first with mayonnaise.

Lubricate proteins mayonnaise, the next layer is diced breast, mayonnaise, grated on a fine grater cheese, mayonnaise, grated yolks.

On the layer yolks put the halved grapes, seedless, guided by different colors of grapes to make any pattern from the berries, covering their entire surface of the salad.

Before serving Christmas buffet remove Christmas salad "vine" in the cold.

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