New Year's salad "First Snow"

→ New Year's salad "First Snow"

picture - New Year's salad "First Snow"

100 g boiled chicken meat

80 g cheese

30 g walnuts

2 boiled eggs

some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

dark grapes


This New Year's salad beautifully decorate the Christmas table, it is easy to prepare and it is very tasty.

Cut into strips and chicken eggs, grate the cheese on a fine grater, finely chopped nuts.

Spread Christmas salad "First Snow" on a platter layers, each mixed with mayonnaise, a little salted chicken, nuts, cheese, and eggs.

Before serving on the New Year's table to put on the salad grapes, cut in half (remove the bones), sprinkle with grated cheese lettuce edge and make it a "snowflake" on a grape.

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