Salad "Snake"

→ Salad "Snake"

picture - Salad "Snake"

200 g canned pink salmon

3 processed cheese

2 potato tuber

2 eggs

pickles (for decoration)


some mayonnaise choose? we'll show



This elegant New Year's salad delight all who gather for New Year's table, and not only thanks to the original appearance, but also thanks to the excellent taste.

Boil eggs and potatoes, mash with a fork pink salmon, grate the potatoes and eggs and mix with the fish.

Add to salad passed through a press garlic, mayonnaise and salt.

Spread salad "Snake" on a dish in the form of a snake, place thinly sliced cucumbers circles, snake eyes are made of olives and green peas, language - from carrots, grass - greens.

Before serving on the New Year's table to remove the salad cold.

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