Christmas table-2013 - what to taste Snake?

→ Christmas table-2013 - what to taste Snake?
picture - Christmas table-2013 - what to taste Snake?

In mid-November to think about what the new year will be the start of many Housewives. So we decided not to waste time, especially as the patroness of the coming year too finicky, wise, and does not tolerate vanity. So, plan a table for New year - year of the black water snake.

For a start - a couple more words about the mistress of the next year. Black water snake is an animal difficult. It also seeks to show restraint, and to luxury, so on new year's buffet-2014 must be a harmony between these two polar concepts, and to do it properly - have to try. The second important detail is that the element of the black water snake, respectively - water, so it is necessary to focus on addiction not just snakes as such, namely water snake.

Preferences patroness 2014 - pick Christmas recipes

Black water snake loves all fresh as possible subjected to heat treatment. So for the holiday table is better to choose fresh vegetables, herbs, and to pay special attention to the decoration of the new year meals in accordance with this nuance. It is important to observe this rule - all meals holiday table should be freshly prepared. Of course, many people will not be happy, but here comes to the aid of restraint snake - thinking through new year's menu, you can make the table at the same time luxurious, but is not overloaded with an abundance of food, and then spend in the kitchen the whole day is not necessary. No canned and processed foods on the holiday table should not be is the mistress of 2014 will not like.

Favorite dishes of the snake - eggs, meat (both large and small animals), poultry and fish. If the new year will be all these kinds of meat - snake definitely will turn to You. Of course, the favorites of the snake - rabbit and hare. They can be put out or bake in the oven, making the "nail" new year culinary program. Or you can place a bet on fish - for example, trout or salmon will also be a win-win option that will impress guests not too much hassle, and will not take a lot of time, and the Snake will be happy. Fish can be baked in foil, cook in batter or grilled and served with fresh vegetables.

Excellent choice of snacks will be stuffed eggs and a variety of canaps with fish and eggs - they are the mistress of the coming year is sure to enjoy. As already noted, the patroness of the coming year is the animal of the water, so fish and seafood in any case should not be forgotten. With them you can cook as snacks, and a variety of Christmas salads - these snacks and meals will delight not only for its exquisite taste, but also ease.

About drinks for new year's table in 2014 we discuss in detail in a separate article. In General we can say that the drinks should also adhere to the principle of moderation and luxury. Let beverages will be less, but they will be more expensive and high quality.

So, when planning a festive table and selecting recipes for the New year-2014, remember that his mistress appreciates luxury but prefers more and restraint, love all that love her living on land counterparts, but still loves and all associated with its element is water. Accurate records of all of these preferences is the key not only gorgeous, easy and elegant Christmas table, but Your luck next year!

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