Christmas snack of sandwiches "Snake"

→ Christmas snack of sandwiches "Snake"

picture - Christmas snack of sandwiches "Snake"

3 boiled eggs

2 baguette

1 olive

1 rim red pepper

3 tbsp. mayonnaise

cream cheese



green onions

the tomatoes


The recipe is simple, but very effective new year snacks-2014, which will perfectly decorate the Christmas table in the year of the Snake.

Cook 2 toppings for sandwiches: one - mix canned tuna with cream cheese and chopped medium-sized cucumber, the second mixing chopped eggs, green onions, mayonnaise, pepper and salt the filling.

Half of the baguette slices spread with one filling, half the other, then carefully cut the sandwiches in half lengthwise.

Separately from the bread, cut the head and tail of the relevant forms.

Garnish sandwiches with egg, green onions, folding them on top crosswise, put the sandwiches, so that the curved line is the "snake torso, joints sandwiches to cover halves of cherry tomatoes.

To make snake eyes from olives, cut in half, and the language of sweet red pepper.

Served Christmas snack of sandwiches "Snake" in the cold.

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