Snack Christmas "Herring under a fur coat snake"

→ Snack Christmas "Herring under a fur coat snake"

picture - Snack Christmas "Herring under a fur coat snake"

100 g cheese (such as "Gouda")

8-10 olives

2 tuber Potato

1 herring
herring which to choose? we'll show

1 head onions

1 carrot

1 denticle garlic

2 tablespoons vegetable oil



Herring for this New Year snacks need to take fat salted and onion - sweet potatoes should be boiled in their jackets.

Clean and prepare herring fillet without bones to medium-sized pieces, chopped onion, grated rub the potatoes, cheese and raw carrots.

Carrot and cheese mix, add the garlic passed through the press and mayonnaise, mix well.

The first layer on a plate to put herring, giving it the shape of the body of the snake, fish put onions, then potatoes, to be sprinkled with vegetable oil, then lay out the cheese mixture with carrots, make this mixture is also head of the snake.

Olives cut into rings, put in the form of a snake skin.

Before serving snack Christmas "Herring under a fur coat snake" drawn greens and decorated to your taste.

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