Roll "Herring under a fur coat"

→ Roll "Herring under a fur coat"

picture - Roll "Herring under a fur coat"

150 g mayonnaise
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

100 g of cream cheese (cream Bonjour)

2 medium boiled beets

2 medium boiled potatoes

1 big boiled carrots

1 salted herring

5 g gelatin

Herring under a fur coat, unquestionably the biggest new year's salad. But what if you approach it cooking in a different way? Get Christmas salad roll, which will perfectly decorate the Christmas table and surprise all who follow him will be gathered.

Gelatine soaked in cold water (1/4 Cup), leave to swell, dissolve in a water bath until it is completely dissolved, not boiling, allow to cool and combine with mayonnaise.

Grate separately grate the beets and carrots, potatoes, large, herring fillets cut into pieces.

Lay on work surface plastic wrap in several layers, beets connect with a part of the gelatin mixture, put the first layer in the form of a rectangle 2 layer - cheese, mixed with 2-3 tbsp gelatin mixture (each subsequent layer to do in the form of a smaller rectangle).

To the potatoes add 2-3 tbsp gelatin mixture is the next layer, then the carrots with gelatin and then in the centre lay the pieces of fish.

Carefully, holding the edge of the edible film both sides to collapse all the roll, the edges of the film wrap, roll wrap in foil, put into the refrigerator.

Before serving Christmas buffet chop salad roll "Herring under a fur coat" slices, lay on a dish, you arrange greens.

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