Salad "Dressed herring"

→ Salad "Dressed herring"

picture - Salad "Dressed herring"

1 pcs. * Beetroot (boiled);

2 pcs. * Egg (boiled);

2 pcs. * Herring;

100 g * Mayonnaise
some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

4 pcs. * Potatoes (boiled);

1-2 pcs. * Carrots (cooked);

salad "Herring under a fur coat"

We shall cut slices of fillet herring and boiled potatoes, beets, carrots and eggs - grate. On the platter first put a layer of potatoes, then a layer of herring, egg layer and a layer of beets, and so. D. It is desirable that the last layer was beet (for beauty). Each layer lubricates mayonnaise, and the last layer sprinkle with grated beets. Ready salad slices decorate eggs in a circle, but also can be green.

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