Festive Salad Dressed herring "Fish"

→ Festive Salad Dressed herring "Fish"

picture - Festive Salad Dressed herring "Fish"

4 salted herring fillets

2-3 pickles

2 boiled eggs

2 boiled potatoes

1 the big apple

1 boiled beets average

? glass mayonnaise
some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

All the ingredients are clean, rub grated beets, apples and potatoes, chopped eggs, mix apples and eggs.

Take a platter, put on a layer of potatoes in the form of two separate fish with mayonnaise.

The next layer on the fish lay herring, then beets, apple mixture with eggs, potatoes again - each layer promazyvat mayonnaise.

Thin plastic cut pickles.

Put them on in the form of fish scales, superimposing one plastic on the other.

Fins and tails of fish is made of green, before moving into the New Year's table to remove the festive salad herring under a fur coat "Fish" in the cold for several hours.

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