Herring "under a fur coat" with meat

→ Herring "under a fur coat" with meat

picture - Herring "under a fur coat" with meat

To prepare the salad you will need:

3 pcs. herring
herring which to choose? we'll show

3 pcs. apples

4 pcs. potato

1 pcs. beet

3 pcs. egg

200 g meat

200 g mayonnaise

greens, tomatoes - to taste

Herring fillet cut into pieces, boiled potatoes, beets, eggs, meat - slices, apples - cubes. On a platter put a layer of potatoes, then a layer of apples, beets, pieces of herring, a layer of meat, and so on. D. It is desirable that the last layer was made from potatoes. Each layer is filled with mayonnaise.

Decorated with sliced eggs, greens, sliced tomatoes. In order to have the salad was more delicate flavor, food (except herring and meat) can grate.

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