Dressed herring salad with mushrooms "Fish"

→ Dressed herring salad with mushrooms "Fish"

picture - Dressed herring salad with mushrooms "Fish"

300 g Herring

200 g boiled mushrooms

3 carrots

2 onions

2 boiled potato tuber

some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

pickles and olives (for decoration)

This New Year's salad is different unconventional approach to the preparation of herring under a fur coat, bright design, thanks to which it perfectly decorate your Christmas table.

Onions and fish fillets, finely chopped, grate the carrots and potatoes, mushrooms, onions and carrots fry separately.

Spread Christmas salad "Fish" on bowl-shaped layers of fish: herring, potatoes, layer of mayonnaise, mushrooms, onions, carrots, a layer of mayonnaise.

Before serving on the New Year's table draw Christmas salad "Fish" onion rings, pickles and olives, cool.

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