Dressed herring in aspic

→ Dressed herring in aspic

picture - Dressed herring in aspic2 tbsp. l. gelatin, add 0.5 cups of cold water for 40 minutes. Then heat the gelatin to dissolve, but do not boil. Leave to cool. Then mix with mayonnaise (about 350 g)

Cook 2 small beets, 3 potatoes, 1 carrot, 3 eggs - all this cool and grate.

Herring clean, free from bones, cut into small cubes.

Onions clean, cut into small strips.

Form lay a cling film, each ingredient mixed with a mixture of mayonnaise with gelatin, spread in reverse order:
- beet
- eggs
- onion
- herring fillets salted
herring which to choose? we'll show

- potato
- a mixture of potatoes, beets, carrots (just for the color)

Leave in the fridge for about three hours to four.
an inverted, carefully remove the tape.

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